• New product: The Silicone Penis Ring
    Post time: May-15-2024

        Introducing our latest innovation in sexual wellness and pleasure – the silicone penis ring. Designed to enhance and elevate intimate experiences, this product is crafted with the highest quality silicone material to provide comfort, durability, and optimal performance. Whether you̵...Read more »

  • Post time: Mar-18-2024

    Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Exhibition 2024( 19-21 April 2024) is set to be a groundbreaking event that will showcase the latest trends and innovations in the adult products industry. This highly anticipated exhibition will bring together industry professionals, manufacturers, ...Read more »

  • Add your fun with BDSM bondage restraint set
    Post time: Jan-15-2024

        If you are looking to add some extra excitement to your bedroom activities, then a BDSM bondage restraint set with bundled toys might be just what you need. These sets typically include a variety of restraints, such as handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and bondage ropes, as well as an assortment of toy...Read more »

  • The Benefits of Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor
    Post time: Dec-06-2023

    The pelvic floor muscles are a crucial part of the body’s core stability and are responsible for supporting the bladder, uterus, and bowel. However, these muscles can weaken over time due to pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and other factors. Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to urinary incon...Read more »

  • The Benefits of Using an Enemator
    Post time: Dec-04-2023

       Enema balls, also known as enemas, have been used for centuries as a therapeutic method to cleanse the colon and promote overall digestive health. The process involves introducing a liquid solution into the rectum via a specially designed ball-shaped equipment. Although the concept may seem a ...Read more »

  • The 2023 China (Guangzhou) Sex Culture Expo concluded with great success as various companies
    Post time: Nov-14-2023

    The 2023 China (Guangzhou) Sex Culture Expo concluded with great success as various companies, including ours, actively participated in the exhibition, showcasing the latest and innovative products and trends in the adult entertainment industry. The event, which took place in Guangzhou, China, at...Read more »

  • Exploring the Pleasure of Adult Toys – Why Lubricant is Essential During Use
    Post time: Sep-20-2023

    Introduction: Adult toys are becoming increasingly popular in modern society, offering individuals and couples novel, stimulating, and enjoyable experiences. However, many people may overlook an important detail: the use of lubricant during the use of adult toys. This article will explore why usi...Read more »

  • The Benefits of Using a Penis Ring
    Post time: Aug-21-2023

         Penis rings are becoming increasingly popular among men and couples seeking to enhance their sexual experiences. Also known as cock rings or erection rings, these devices offer a range of benefits that can greatly enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. In this article, we will explore th...Read more »

  • Why Use Masturbation Cup?
    Post time: Jun-28-2023

    Masturbating is a natural and healthy way to explore one’s sexuality and fulfill one’s sexual needs. It provides a pleasurable release and helps relieve stress and tension. While there are various methods and tools available to enhance the experience, one tool that has gained immen...Read more »

  • Our company successfully participated in the SHANGHAI API Expo 2023
    Post time: Apr-27-2023

        Our company, SHIJIAZHUANG ZHENGTIAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, is proud to announce that we successfully participated in the Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Exhibition 2023 (SHANGHAI API Expo). This event was not only a great opportunity for us to showcase our products and...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-27-2023

        The 2023 Shanghai International Sexy Life and Health Expo has just concluded and the event lived up to its billing as one of the most exciting and enlightening expos in the world. Organized by the Shanghai Health and Wellness Association, this year’s event was the largest of its kind ev...Read more »

  • What are sex toys
    Post time: Nov-11-2022

    Generally speaking, sex toys refer to tools used in sexual activities to stimulate human sexual organs or provide tactile sensation similar to human sexual organs. In addition to the above definition, some ornaments or small toys with sexual meaning are also sex toys in a broad sense. The biggest...Read more »

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